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Inter-Library Loan, Document Delivery, and Copying Services
Who May Use Spring Hill College ILL Services

Inter-library Loan (ILL) is available to current full-time students, full-time staff, and full-time faculty at Spring Hill College. We regret that we are unable to extend ILL privileges to part-time faculty, adjunct faculty, family members, or visiting scholars completing doctoral work.

Currently employed full time SHC faculty, staff, and currently registered undergraduate and graduate students in all programs may make ILL requests for research material. Students should make every effort to identify comparable resources in Byrne Library before submitting requests for interlibrary lending.

A valid Spring Hill College identification is required.

Borrowing Between Libraries
No library can own all of the books, periodicals and other materials needed by its users. However, libraries cope with this situation by using a system of lending/borrowing called interlibrary loan.

Spring Hill College Library lends its materials to other libraries in Alabama, the Southeast, and occasionally under special circumstances, nationwide. The library carries on an extensive borrowing service for students, faculty, and staff for materials not available locally. Lending of books and photocopying of journal articles is a privilege granted by the lending library to facilitate research. When borrowing from other libraries, we accept responsibility for the careful use and prompt return of their materials.

Understanding the following policies and procedures will help us provide the best service possible.
Making an Inter-Library Loan Request
First check the library online catalog to insure that the material, or comparable material is not in the SHC collection.

We are happy to make requests for materials held by SHC that are checked out or missing. Please indicate that the material is checked out or missing on the form. Always remember to check the library catalog or e-journals before submitting a loan request!

ILL requests may be made online using this link .

A form must be filled out for each request. When completing the form, fields noted with an asterisk must be supplied.  The more information you provide, the easier and quicker to fill your requests.
Information Required on All Requests

1. Department and course number for which you are requesting material
2. Your class status
3. Campus phone number
4. Campus address or e-mail address

Required Information for BOOK Requests

1. First name, last name of author or (editor)
2. Full title information
3. Providing the publisher and date of publication will eliminate processing delays

Required Information for ARTICLE Requests

1. First name, last name of the author
2. Full title of the article
3. Volume number, issue number, date and exact pages - requests with incomplete citations cannot be filled
4. Full title of the journal - requests with abbreviations cannot be filled
5. Providing the source for your information can eliminate processing delays

Incomplete forms will not submit on-line.

Materials Not Available Through ILL
Most libraries refuse interlibrary loan requests for the following types of material: whole volumes or issues of periodicals; reference books; newspapers or manuscripts; archival, or local history materials; records, tapes, films, computer software and other fragile material; theses and dissertations; or any materials which exceed the limits of "fair use" under U.S. Copyright Law.
Number of Requests Available
Juniors and Seniors may make a total of 12 (twelve requests per semester).
Senior Seminar and graduate students may make a total of (fifteen requests per semester).

Students and faculty are discouraged from using interlibrary loan when comparable material is available at Thomas Byrne Memorial Library.
ILL and Copyright
The National Interlibrary Loan Code, in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law, states that interlibrary loan materials may not be borrowed to place on reserve in the borrowing library. Instead, materials for class use should be requested by faculty for purchase through the SHC Library Director.

If a large number of items are located in another library, arrangements should be made to use them at that library.
Delivery Time of Submitted Requests
It generally takes an average of 8 or 9 days to receive materials. Materials available within the state generally arrive via FAX or courier service. Items out-of-state, in high demand, or which are difficult to locate take several weeks to acquire. The Interlibrary Loan staff makes every effort to process requests within 24 hours of receipt. If the material is needed in fewer than 8 days, the patron may wish to reconsider the request. Unfortunately, we are not able to make time guarantees.
Receiving and Returning Inter-Library Loans
All on and off campus students, faculty and staff are responsible for checking for the arrival of interlibrary loan requests at the Circulation Desk. 

If your request is not at the Circulation Desk, it has not arrived. The Circulation staff can tell you if the request has arrived, but cannot predict when it might arrive.

Students and faculty are responsible for picking up materials within one week of their arrival in the library. All patrons must sign the ILL log at the Circulation Desk (main desk, floor 1) for receipt of all ILL materials.

ILL materials left unclaimed after one week will be returned to the lending library. During peak periods, the staff may be unable to give prompt notification when materials arrive.

Materials must be returned to the Circulation Desk by the due date indicated on the ILL flag on the book.
Renewing Inter-Library Loans Materials
One (1) renewal is permitted for book requests.  Requests for renewal must be made 5 days prior to the due date.  Students and faculty are responsible for checking on the status of their interlibrary loan renewal requests.
Overdue ILL Materials
All overdue charges assessed by the lending institution must be paid by the patron.  Seriously delinquent ILL overdue charges will be sent to the Business Office and may result in loss of ILL privileges.
Loss of Inter-Library Loan Privileges
Because lending libraries may discontinue ILL service to Spring Hill College if their lending regulations are not followed, borrowers who consistently disregard due dates may be refused further service.
Last Update:
July 2008
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